Parts Manufacturing and the Export Industry of Thailand has been one of the most important gears in economic development because Thailand is considered as a world class production and product export base. In the past, before various industries developed and combined into an important supply chain It took a long time with many learning steps before being able to commercialize. Due to the lack of medium in bringing together manufacturers and its members to raise product and service quality in order to reach international standard. Thus, the establishment of "Thai Subcontracting Promotion Club" in 1999 was initiated.  Members of automative and appliance manufacturers have participated in business matchings (VMC)  organised by Industrial Linkage Development Devision (BUILD) under Thailand Board of Investment (BOI),meeting with leading factories across the country such as Automobile , Machinery and Electronic Part Factories, etc. Activities arising from the "Thai Subcontracting Promotion Club" have significantly benefited members and later stimulating the growth of supporting industries With the increasing number of members, together with the strenght of various alliances, came the establishment of "Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association" in 2003 

Divided into 4 groups according to raw materials produced and production processes

กลุ่มผู้ผลิตงานโลหะ / 1. Group of metal work manufacturers

กลุ่มผู้ผลิตงานพลาสติก, ยางและเส้นใยสังเคราะห์ / 2. Group of plastic, rubber, and synthetic fiber manufacturers

กลุ่มผู้ผลิตงานชิ้นส่วน ไฟฟ้า และอิเลคโทรนิคส์ / 3. Group of electrical parts and electronics manufacturers

กลุ่มการขนส่ง บรรจุภัณฑ์ และบริการอื่นๆ / 4. Group of others such as packagings, logistics, maintenance, etc.

The association has become a medium and an important driving force for Thai part manufacturers to have the capability, technology, and the international standard required to provide a variety of products and services in various industries. To become the World Sourcing Hub, the wold's leading part subcontractors. Currently,  "Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association" has more than 400 company members. It can also be classified into 16 groups by type of industry

1.1 Robotics & Automation
1.2 Digital & Software
1.3 Aviation and Logistics
1.4 Medical Hub, Medical Parts & Equipment
1.5 Agriculture and Biotechnology
1.6 Defense Industry
1.7 Rail Way Systems
1.8 Next generation automotive
1.9 Smart Electronics
1.10 Supporting Biotechnology
1.11 Parts/ Machine of Food for the Future

2.1 Mechanical & Engineering
2.2 Mold & Die
2.3 Packaging
2.4 Sanitation & Environmental
2.5 Other

Industrial Automation Cluster
Aviation and Logistics Cluster
Medical Devices Cluster
National Defense Cluster
Rail Way Cluster

It is our core vision and commitment to bring about all members' capacities in connecting and enhancing the potential of business in various fields including production, management, marketing, purchasing, and information at international standards.

Vision and Mission

It is our core vision and commitment to bring about all members' capacities in connecting and enhancing the potential of business in various fields including production, management, marketing, purchasing, and information at international standards.

Important missions for members

• Connect institutions, agencies, organizations together in both the public and private sectors.

• Publicize information, knowledge, and new technology. and activities that are beneficial to the member group

• Promote buying-selling between members To jointly develop complete products (Whole Set) to meet customer needs.

• Receive various rights to participate in the association's activities, such as factory visits, participation in training and seminars at the association. Organized for members to increase knowledge and develop potential to be ready for international competition, such as organizing training and calibration until reaching various industry standards such as ISO9000, TS16949.

• Post company information both on the association's website and in the association's directory and promote it at trade shows both domestically and internationally. 

• Marketing promotion activities for members. By bringing members to participate in leading spare parts trade shows. Both domestically and internationally, such as Subcon Thailand, Thailand Auto parts and Accessories: TAPA, METALEX Thailand, M Fair Thailand, Midest Paris (in France), Hannover Messe (in Germany), MTA Vietnam, Manufacturing Indonesia, International Metalworking Philippines and others.

Support participation in government exhibitions such as the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the Department of Industrial Promotion (CAT), the Board of Investment (BOI), and the Thai Subcontractor Promotion Association. By creating a network in the ASEAN Economic Community We have signed memorandums of understanding with Asian parts manufacturers associations such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and others. in Japanese provinces, etc.

From the dedication in managing and organizing these activities to develop group members' potential, We were rewarded as an "Outstanding Trading Association" of the years 2016 and 2017 from Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. The award has quaranteed our quality and operation standard. All of this is therefore an extremely important mission. “Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association” will be a medium and driving force for entrepreneurs to take over Thai subcontracting production. There is potential and diversity in products and services. until becoming the world leader in subcontracting production.