Member Registration


  • Associations are the center of networking. To find partner agencies to push members to be able to produce parts. And trade in all 5 industrial groups of the association has been successful.
  • Take the group of members to meet network agency partners related to all 5 industry groups, both public and private sectors. To create trade opportunities for members.
  • Members have participated in organizing meetings and traveling to see work. to search for knowledge Create a network to strengthen relationships within cluster members together.
  • Benefits from attending training/seminars on topics that are knowledge specific to all 5 industry groups.
  • Benefits for participating in projects to develop members' potential in various areas such as Manufacturing Process Improvement Create market opportunities, etc.
  • The grouping of members gives them the power to negotiate with the government. and various private sector organizations related to claiming rights and benefits for members
  • The association is central. Exchange of information related to manufacturers of industrial parts and services in Thailand
  • Benefits received from participating in activities that are beneficial to the development of the company Including participation in training/seminars, projects, and useful activities. To encourage members to develop their abilities in various fields.
  • Benefits from participating in Networking activities: Strengthen relationships and build networks through recreational activities such as sports competitions, Networking / Business Matching activities / factory visits between members and network agencies to strengthen relationships.