Thai Subcon has evolved from the S.P. club (Subcontracting Promotion Club) established in 1999 by members a group of component manufacturers in the automotive, electrical and machine fields. This group formed a close association to carry out a “vendor meet customer” activity, to bring together part makers and main manufacturers of automotive, machine and electronic parts etc. Members may be classified in the following activity groups:

1.Metal (Casting, Stamping and Pressing) 
2.Plastic. Rubber and Polymer 
4.Logistics. Packaging and Services

These activities have provided benefits and have developed our original members into a group, able to support a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. The point has been reached to invite new members to join our group so that ultimately with our joint strength we will be able to support every industry in Thailand. And we could establish a Thai subcontracting and promotion association finally in 1995 With the diversity of the members, our Thai subcontractors association has the strength to sell products and services in package form as a “one stop shop”. In which each product group augments the others.

 1. Disseminate Information about members within the organization and to interested manufacturers

2. The Association may help solve members’ business problems by making suggestions to government and interested firms.

3. The right to join the activities such as factory visit, training, etc arranged by the Association.

4. promote members with product development and brand creation. 

5. Receive information, knowhow and other benefits via and website